We are running the most exciting hackathon in the New England area for high school students. It will be a day where you can develop cool ideas, meet other high school hackers, and get better at programming!

Why HackNEHS? High school hackathons are abundant on the West Coast, but there are relatively few on the other side of the country. We think hackathons are amazing opportunities, so we've designed hackNEHS to give this same experience to all New England high schoolers, regardless of prior experience. For beginners, we have experienced mentors ready to answer questions, and a variety of workshops that teach the basics. But this is also a great event for experienced coders: Explore new ideas and technology, talk to other talented individuals, and win prizes!

We hope to see you there!



Hacks in any theme also belong to General.

Prizes USD $8000 in prizes

The Wolfram Award for everyone on your top ten teams via award letter with a maximum of five individuals per team. This award is for a year of Wolfram|One Personal Edition plus a one-year subscription to Wolfram|Alpha Pro.

Main Prizes
Oculus Rift (5)
USD $399

1st Place Prize

Amazon Echo (5)
USD $150

2nd Place Prize

Fitbit Flex (5)
USD $60

3rd Place Prize

Special Prizes
Matlab License (5)

Most Technical Prize

JBL Flip 3 (5)
USD $75

Best Pitch Prize

Elegoo Arduino Starting Kit (5)
USD $53

Most Improved Prize

Submission Voting

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